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How to make gift box with 3D printer?


   Now with the growing demand for personalized consumption, various creative custom gift boxes are emerging in the market, dazzling! However, the common gift boxes are mainly made of paper materials, which not only cost high cost, but also bring heavy burden to the environment. So, how to make an economical, environmentally friendly and beautiful gift box? Next auroras will introduce a 3D printing gift box making method, interested friends might as well learn it! 

   Step 1: modeling. According to the personal creativity or preference, the 3D modeling software is used to design the prototype of the gift box, and the 3D digital model file is saved. If you don't use 3D modeling software, users can also download their favorite gift box model on 3D print site. 

   Step 2: slice. Import 3D digital file of gift box into slicing software, print setting (temperature, speed, layer thickness, support, eaves, etc.), then save it to gcode file (note: gcode file name must be alphanumeric or alphanumeric, etc.), Chinese cannot be recognized by 3D print device!).

   Step 3: print. Insert the sd card or U disk containing the 3D digital file of the gift box into the 3D printer to select the file to be printed in the touch operation screen and start printing.

   Step 4: take the mold. After the model printing is completed, the standby nozzle and platform cooling before taking the mold.

   Step 5: post-processing. Will go to support the model accessories, according to the box prototype design drawings can be assembled. If the box structure design paper, can be printed molding, then no assembly.

   The 3D print snowflake gift box, the modelling is simple, the material selection environmental protection, can be not only the exquisite packing container, but also can be the chic decoration piece, but also can be the household creative collection box. It is understood that the gift box contains boxes, box covers, bandages, butterflies and other accessories such as the final product is very delicate, especially the box surface clearly visible snowflake relief.