Advanced measurement and test equipment internally for all incoming raw materials qualifications, and our modern metrology laboratory ensures that your parts meet your exact specifications, check material identification and quality assurance


Making products with consistent high-quality requires good process control techniques combined with advanced equipment. At  Gaojie Model, we make sure every project includes these steps for quality assurance:
Design for Manufacturing review for all quotes provided
Contract review upon receipt of PO
Incoming materials inspection
First article and in-process inspection
Final inspection and testing with reports and certifications as required


A testing apparatus that uses a current to electrically charge a sample of the material. The resulting discharge of plasma is unique for each element and this pattern can be read by the optical spectrometer to determine the metal’s complete composition.

There are many similar alloys and grades of metal available on the market, and some of them are mislabeled or fraudulent. We offer Positive Material Identification (PMI) for all incoming materials so you have complete confidence that you receive exactly what you ordered. We are one of the few services in China to offer this level of testing.


At Gaojie Model, we have sophisticated measuring and testing equipment in-house to qualify all incoming raw materials, while our modern metrology lab ensures that your parts meet your exact specifications.


Ideal for complex geometries, the Faro laser scanner quickly and accurately scans the surface of the part and creates a digital file that can be compared with the customer’s supplied 
CAD file for easy reference.
We also have a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with a touch probe for making even more precise measurements of detailed features as required.


At Gaojie Model, we have implemented a Visual Quality Standard for our finishing services to inspect painted finishes and ensure the consistency of cosmetic appearance. We also have a Visual Quality Standard for our Plastic Injection Molding Services. This ensures we have a consistent method for inspecting injection molded parts and helps us to go beyond the expectations of our customers.


At its most basic a coordinate is a point, a fixed singular location in three-dimensional space. A series of points can be used to define the parameters of a complex shape. Therefore a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is any device that is able to collect this set of points for a given object and to do so with an acceptable degree of accuracy and repeatability.


When customers visit our facilities they are always impressed by our inspection equipment and facilities. If you would like to see for yourself, contact our friendly team and organize a factory tour.

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