Technological Process


1.Inspection, quotation

According to customers drawings check whether accord with our technology, whether you can make, is CNC, 3D printing or vacuum mode, customer requirements including sheet metal, surface treatment and whether the number of clear, easy to offer, if there is a problem, the need for timely communication with customers (telephone communication or e-mail communication), customer needs change the design drawings when necessary, or we can provide design modification to the service, but to charge the appropriate fee


For some factory visit customers, take them to visit the factory and the company model, let them understand the process and basic ability of our model to produce level; and check customer drawings and confirm the information for our technology, and the production of various details, shorten the communication delay time and higher efficiency. For the special requirements of the. Contact the relevant departments of the company colleagues, together to discuss solutions.

3.Confirm the order

Confirm with customer OK, notify the planner to make the order, to make preparations, notify the warehouse sheet or inform the purchaser scheduled special sheet. According to the schedule in the design and production of programming information, making timely communication and programming engineers, in order to avoid the error. To be removed to make a hand, totally dependent on engineers experience to split, to facilitate subsequent bonding, ensure the appearance and function of the product.

4.Maching Process

After programming the engineer to complete the drawings, according to machine waiting time waiting on production. Generally CNC workpiece in different time is not fixed on machine.3D

printing SLA, SLS in addition to the special products, is generally the last night to finish my morning under the machine; after re arrange the machine. Vacuum complex mode time by the Engineer in charge to master mold for each product production ; the service life of the die, and the cycle of reproduction of products are not the same. The general sample production, 3D printing SLA, SLS only 1-2 days; CNC Machining or vacuum Casting molding for 3-5 days.

5. Manual Re-processing

To complete the 3D print SLA, SLS, CNC Machining or Vacuum Casting Molding, finish forming the basic products. But many appearance is late a lot of details processing, such as spray painting, sanding, polishing, painting, silk-printing, UV coating, electroplating, Etc. For structure parts... we need to cooperate them with each other to test assembly. These working are mostly finished by handwork, we have many skilled  handwork workers.
There are strict tolerance requirements of the product, then we will do the use of detection equipment to meet customer requirements.

6. Package and Shipment

Complete the manual processing and inspection of OK products, which can arrange shipment. Our routine packaging packaging, EPE, bubble bags, and with our LOGO carton packaging, some products will choose wood, plywood or wooden packaging. A single product with white paper packaging, avoid damaged paint; then use pearl cotton or bubble bag, pearl cotton pad box wall with a thick layer, effectively reduce the collision in the process of transportation damage. For fragile, we will buy fragile insurance, safe. We have fixed the time and freight forwarding cooperation, prices are more advantages, bring some help to better serve to our customers.


Our company has strong professional technical team, a group of senior handworking master, skilled painting master who have many years industrial experience and professional CNC programmer engineers.Advanced CNC equipment, superb staff technology, regardless of product appearance, or intrinsic quality, high Czech model company are high-end products from R & D to small batch production of choice.


High Quality , Quick Return , Low Price , Components Procurement, One - stop Service.  Our company is currently equipped with a more comprehensive rapid prototyping production equipment, perfect post-processing styles to ensure that our customers request are able ro be satisfied.


Electronics, Digital, Communications Products,

Medical Equipment,

Kitchen Appliances, Office,Safety products,

Automotive and Motorcycle Accessories,

Household Appliances,

Crafts, Perfume Bottles, Glass, Toys, Games,

Audio and Video Entertainment Products,

Wireless Devices and etc...

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