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Research on the influence of 3D printing technology on container packaging design and its application


First, the definition of 3D printing

3D print appeared in mid 1990s, after decades of development and continuous improvement, the main principle of 3D printer spray printer and printer solidification of two kinds of.3D printing is the raw material for deposition or adhesive material layer to form three-dimensional.3D printing machine through some measurable, repeatable manufacturing process, material layer system, is actually combined the hierarchical way to create three-dimensional solid products.

Two, container packaging

Container packaging refers to the appearance form of packaging, packaging design is according to the actual needs of the product design, through certain materials, structure and technical means to create a three-dimensional appearance of the packaging design activities. Available materials mainly include glass, pottery, porcelain, metal, plastics and composite materials. Packaging according to the shape classification, mainly bottles, cans, cups, pots, pots, barrels and so on. Because of the development of science and technology, packaging design can choose a variety of materials, therefore, the production process also shows a diversified development trend of.3D printing technology to packaging design and manufacture of other materials, are showing a new change. Three, development prospect and application of 3D printing technology in the container in the packaging design

1 customization

With the development of modern society, material civilization, spiritual civilization more and more rich, more and more people love the "exclusive" products. The concept of "private custom" to let people get the satisfaction of the one and only, in some city, the customized products shops have emerged. For example, customized packaging design is particularly important for some the special requirements of customers. It is packaging design in addition to meet the basic needs of customers, but also has the unique design style, regardless of shape or material choice. With the cup shape as an example, if the customer needs new style or need to put a particular style into the cup shape, then you need to customize the specific components complete the cup design. Because most of the glass manufacturers are mass production, its production process and production machines are relatively old, can not be achieved Other special requirements, even specially commissioned a factory production process, is also facing skills limitations, the price is high, the design and implementation of an embarrassing situation is not identical, so in many cases, special design of the cup is difficult to achieve, good ideas can not be implemented, the customer can not meet the needs.

3D printing technology can solve some of these problems can be drawn according to the needs of customers through computer aided software Auto CAD three-dimensional mold, can be directly on the design in computer software modifications, designers and clients both achieved satisfactory results, can be through the 3D printer to make 3D mould drawing software. Computer can give customer vivid visual experience, to facilitate businesses to communicate with customers, but also to avoid the manpower, material resources, financial resources required software waste.Auto CAD belongs to the design majors, even non professionals can learn the software, so the technical personnel of the relative abundance. Because the 3D printing technology continues to improve, types of materials used are diversified, the scope of application of 3D printing technology more and more widely. For example, the use of 3D printing technology, the sand can be printed out of glass The development of material.3D printing technology makes people's inspiration can be better realized

2 make container packaging design more green

The development of 3D printing technology, the packaging design is more green, mainly reflected in the conservation of resources, protect the environment, recycling and other aspects. The development of commercial society in packaging material waste, many containers are disposable, people will not be retained, and some container packaging recycling rate is very low, or pollutants generated in the production process, causing pollution to the environment. Therefore, the correct and effective use of resources to design packaging is particularly important.3D printing technology can greatly improve the utilization of materials, the computer can accurately calculate the printed product material usage, to avoid the waste of materials; recovery of products printed in 3D after through technical means to recover the raw material status before printing, the material can be used again. And, in addition to human design drawing of early, in the play Printing process, the need for manual participation, greatly saving human resources

In addition, because the 3D printing technology can realize complex, exquisite design, so the packaging design can be realized with a special shape. People can not only meet the basic requirements for the packaging, it can enhance people's awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, can even let people keep containers as he used to. Packaging is no longer disposable products. Green packaging design depends on the design of implementation methods and materials, the use of technology.

Three, conclusion

3D printing technology is convenient, efficient, diverse, unlimited combination of materials, design space and other advantages, it has promoted the development of the healthy development of many industries, and the packaging industry is also keeping up with the pace of technological development, through the application of 3D printing technology to further develop.3D printing technology to obtain the packaging design convenience is incomparable other technologies, designers should actively think of 3D printing technology, it will be better to use in packaging design and more design categories.