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3D print Construction Robot


2017-06-01 source: China Information Industry Network - People's post and Telecommunications News

With the rapid development of technology, more and more robots appear in production and life. Recently, there was a robot that could print 3D architecture, which attracted the attention of the industry

In 14 hours, the construction of a diameter of 14.6 meters, 3.7 meters high open ring building, which is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers developed 3D print construction robot achievements

That is, the construction robot called digital architecture platform, which includes a three axis hydraulic boom and a six axis manipulator, which is mounted on a freely moving track, the

Act like a person's shoulders and arms

Unlike traditional fixed - end 3D printing, the digital building platform is not limited by the size of the print device itself, so it can be built by free movement of various sizes, the researchers said

According to the design, the platform will eventually achieve a certain degree of self-sufficiency. As long as the additional photovoltaic panels on the equipment are generating electricity normally, it will be able to build buildings automatically and rapidly

Security considerations, the current use of equipment in the process also requires manual monitoring

At present, 3D printing building is becoming a trend, since the United States in 2013 completed the world's first 3D architecture, more and more countries began to print 3D housing attempts