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CNC machining, injection molding, stamping processing industry development situation


   In the past two years, with the recruitment of manufacturing industry is difficult, labor and security issues more and more prominent, labor costs rising pressure on a lot of pressure, such as CNC machining, injection molding, stamping processing of traditional processing industry, increasing demand for automation High, robot manipulator also came into being.

   The use of CNC machine tools to replace manual labor, cost savings, improve efficiency and reduce non-performing rate. At the same time the liberation of labor, so that the cumbersome workflow becomes simple, easy to operate, substantially reduce labor costs. Robot compact structure, beautiful appearance; run fast, low noise and accurate positioning. Can effectively prevent the loss of control and circuit damage caused by circuit short circuit, high reliability, strong anti-jamming system; signal connection can choose quick connector, plug and play, easy to disassemble; to achieve multi-point extraction and multi-point placement .

  This year's Convention and Exhibition Center machinery exhibition robot significantly more than last year, a lot of customers. The six-axis joint robot is also a new product for mechanical processing automation. For the first time in the field, it cooperates with some special occupations. It demonstrates a mobile phone shell steel plate embedded in the mold and takes out the injection molding parts.

  Cnc processing industry would like to know how the transformation and development?

  If you do not use automation, this set of actions usually require two people to manipulate, but if the machine using automated tooling, you can save two labor costs, investment costs can be recovered no more than 18 months, long-term benefit.

  It is reported that this year's CNC machining automation development gratifying situation, results increased by about 40%.