Why choose prototype manufacturing produced by Gaojie?
After years of research and development and refined production, prototype manufacturing was put on the market. Its pricing is of the most competitiveness. Strict control of quality is taken and perfect after-sales service is provided. A research and development team has been established and its members are experienced. Their research and development have also been supported by systematic market research. Therefore, the prototype manufacturing keeps pace with market trends to meet market demand. A comprehensive after-sales service system has been established to provide timely services.

Guangzhou Gaojie Model Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd. has built the global network for R&D, production, and sales of metal rapid prototyping not only in China but also across the world. vacuum casting produced by Gaojie is very popular in the market. The application of the advanced technology has made Gaojie Model metal rapid prototyping more perfect on appearance. Anodizing improves corrosion protection, surface hardness, wear resistance, aesthetic appearance and the adhesion of paints and primers. Gaojie is very professional in giving anodizing treatment to different materials for prototyping process. custom plastic fabrication have always found a traditional use in the cnc plastic machining industries, due the cnc plastic machining of the material. Our experience, broad capabilities, and efficient prototyping technologies can bring your design to life more quickly.

By leading the custom plastic fabrication market, we Model will provide customers with better and more professional services. Check now!
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