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What should we pay attention to in making 3d model?


   Making 3d model refers to the samples obtained by processing according to the guests' original or 3D drawings. Generally speaking, the samples are made according to the 3D drawings designed by the designers, which are used to check whether the structure of the products is reasonable or not. Can be made into samples according to the drawings designed by the customer, for the reference of the guest, that is, the prototype, can confirm the quality style, style and color of the product, have the basis for signing the contract, the flexible and changeable of the hand board proofing, It can be used in many ways. So what should we pay attention to in making 3d model?

   3d prototype priniting requires 3D drawings that are designed, because they are based on 3D drawings, and if your drawing size is too different from the product, even if the product is processed in a good 3d printing factory, By the time of detection, the accuracy will be very different. 

   The confidentiality of the drawings is also very important when proofing on the prototype. Any customer does not want their products to be pre-empted by their peers before they come out. The important thing is  to find a large scale can be independently completed 3d printing manufacturers, so that there is no need to send out to other factories, 3D drawings will not be known by more people, thus protecting the property rights of customers. If the manufacturer you are looking for is not strong enough, there will be problems not only in delivery, but also in quality. Gaojie model can independently complete the 3d model all the procedures, and high accuracy, speed, and dual security mechanism, is the real 3d printing industry manufacturers.