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What's the prototype? self-copying of 3D printers


   In the market-oriented process of 3D printer, there was a conceptual speculation stage, exaggerating it to omnipotent, until now this kind of description is still the impression of many people to 3D printing technology. As a matter of fact, there is no doubt about the prospect and wide application of 3D printing technology, but no matter how good a technology is, only a truly mature application can reflect its value, and the market is the only standard for testing technology.

   The development of the industry needs foresight, but rationality is the premise. In recent years, the rise of domestic 3D printing equipment manufacturers can not do without the attention or return to the latter. It is also a rational marketing strategy that focuses on quality and service, insists on market-oriented innovation, develops products in different subdivisions, and now covers handboards, dentures, jewelry, education, advertising characters, building sandsets. Personal diy and many other areas. 

   Among them, as the initial application of 3D printing technology, small editing will be briefly introduced in this article. A long time ago, industrial samples were usually made by hand, so they were called hand boards. Because of the modern industry computer aided design (cad),) computer aided manufacturing (cad), (cam), computer digital control (cnc) technology, As well as various 3D printing technologies that have been emerging in recent years, handboards are rarely made by hand, and they are an essential part of current industrial design and product development.

1. Feasibility verification prototype can make the design presentable 

      It's easy to verify the appearance and structure. Drawings that look good on the screen may be produced in general. In addition, even if the design is really good, some detail structures may have problems, such as not running as expected, assembling or demoulding. Without prior verification, once problems, long time and mold, labor costs will be unbearable. 

2. It is convenient for the team to cooperate with an excellent design.

      often a process of repeated improvement and refinement, and is the crystallization of a team. The handboard model is helpful to the communication between colleagues or to the review of meetings, so as to facilitate the more effective collection of suggestions and the discovery of problems. It also helps other departments to prepare for formal mass production, assist parts procurement and production, and greatly shorten the development cycle. 

3. The handboard for marketing promotion can be used to produce marketing materials and photos. 

      Many companies use handboards for initial shooting of new products, dealer activities, exhibitions, and so on. Handboards can take photos months before the end of the product. It is advantageous to seize the market. In addition, the handboard can be an important communication tool for marketing products, especially for large products (equipment or buildings) or abstract concepts, so that guests can better understand and deepen the impression.