What are main products for to export?
Hopes all our products are qualified to be exported. We will evaluate your market and try our best to modify the specification of cnc plastic cutting service to meet the standard of your country or region. To be successful in marketing products in international markets, We achieve flexibility to make our products achieve some level of adaptation and localization. These products designed to be exported have adapted in a number of ways to meet the requirements of a new market.

Guangzhou Gaojie Model Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd.'s products sell well on international market. We will show you the vacuum casting series that is most popular with customers. Our products are of high precision with tolerance of ±0.1mm. . Unique Transparent Prototypes,3d print transparent plastic function promotes both 3d print transparent plastic and 3d print transparent plastic . With good economic effectiveness, this product will become more acceptable. Anodizing is an electrochemical technique for changing the surface properties of some metals. Gaojie is able to anodize aluminum, magnesium and titanium.

Gaojie Model also offers good after-sale service. Get more info!
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