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Common Surface treatment Technology of hand Plate (Video +gif ) (Fourth)


Etching is the removal of materials by chemical reaction or physical impact. Usually referred to etching also known as photochemical etching, refers to the exposure plate, after development, will be etched area of protective film removal, etch contact with chemical solution to achieve dissolution of corrosion, forming concave or hollowed-out effect. 

Radium carving, also known as laser carving or laser marking, is a surface treatment process based on optical principles. A laser (laser) beam is used to carve permanent marks on a material surface or within a transparent material. 

Laser flower biting, the surface of steel is treated with high energy density laser to form snakeskin / etch / pears or other lines. 

Imd is in-mold decoration (mold decoration technology), also known as coating free technology, is the international popular surface decoration technology, surface hardening transparent film, intermediate printing pattern layer, back injection molding layer, ink in the middle, can make the product friction resistance, prevent the surface from scratching, And can maintain long-term color bright and not easy to fade. 

Omd external decoration (out mold decoration) is a 3D surface decoration technology which combines printing, texture structure and metallization characteristics. It is a decorative technology of visual, tactile, functional integration and imd extension.