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Common Surface treatment Technology of hand Plate (Video +gif ) (First)


Sand blasting is the process of cleaning and coarsening the surface of the matrix by the impact of high speed sand flow, that is, using compressed air as the power, to form a high speed jet beam to spray the materials (copper ore, quartz, Emery, iron, etc. Hainan sand) high-speed spray on the surface of the workpiece to change the appearance or shape of the workpiece surface. 

In the hand board industry, sandblasting mostly refers to: machined parts burr cleaning and surface beautification, sandblasting can clean the workpiece surface tiny burr, and make the workpiece surface more flat, eliminate the harm of burr, improve the grade of workpiece. And the sand blasting can make a very small corner at the junction of the workpiece surface, making the workpiece more beautiful. 

shot blasting A cold working process that bombardes the surface of the workpiece with shot peening and inserts residual compressive stress to enhance the fatigue strength of the workpiece. 

Paint spray is a method of coating the paint on the surface of the coating by spraying gun or dish atomizer, by means of pressure or centrifugal force, dispersing the paint into uniform and fine droplets. In the process, the pattern needed for the design can be formed by means of the shading of the fixture. Spray production efficiency, suitable for manual and industrial automation production, wide application, mainly hardware, plastics and other fields. 

Hand board color needs to go through the whiteboard polishing process, grinding time to take into account the smooth degree of the product, clear angle is in place, adhesive traces can not have obvious exposure. We need to spray ash treatment before we can color, color need Pantong, with Pantong color can be more accurate. Hand board oil injection is a process often used in hand board industry. 

Spray through the spray gun or dish atomizer, with the aid of pressure or centrifugal force, dispersed into a uniform and fine droplets, coating on the surface of the coating method. 

Powder spraying is to spray the powder coating onto the surface of the workpiece with the powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spraying machine). Under the electrostatic action, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, forming a powder coating.