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In 2017, thousands of people plan expert 3D printing technology and industrial application of the General Assembly held in Deyan


In June 9th 2017, thousands of people plan expert 3D printing technology and Industry Applications Conference held in Deyang. The conference gathered from domestic and international intelligent manufacturing and other areas of the "thousand person plan" and renowned experts at home and abroad, the inside and outside of 3D field, scholars research institute experts, mainly responsible for the relevant departments of the municipal, county (city. District government), Deyang Economic Development Zone, Deyang high tech Zone Management Committee responsible person in charge, the medical and health system, the school responsible institutions, enterprises outside the province on behalf of more than 200 people, common 3D printing technology and industry application development.

Thousands of people think tank is WRSA think tank association to the national people plan the official magazine of < thousand journal based on the mastery of scientific workers worldwide, including more than 6000 people plan experts, more than 12 million (including 2 million Chinese scientists) data for the market to provide high-end headhunting, docking project the decision, consultation, planning activities and a series of innovative services. This conference is only a professional field of thousands of people think tank conference held in Sichuan in 2017, to 3D printing technology and industrial application "as the focus, the coverage of high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, promotion seminars and projects in various areas of regeneration medicine and so on.

The general assembly is divided into "3D printing innovation technology and equipment development" theme of the summit and "medical 3D printing and 3D printing materials and software design" two chapters, focusing on 3D printing technology innovation, industrial application and future development are the theme of the report brilliant academic exchanges.15 from different professional fields the experts and representatives of local enterprises in Deyang, active atmosphere, both experts and enterprises in-depth discussions on exchange and collision of ideas in communication, gather consensus on development, to further deepen exchanges and cooperation between the parties, laid a useful basis to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

At present, Chinese technology is in the overall ability from the accumulation to qualitative leap, an important period of the breakthrough point to improve the capabilities of the system, the new concept of the new industrial revolution gave birth to a new format. Facing the great opportunities of a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution, gather the wisdom of the city, give the city the power to create "the world made the capital of Deyang, is to firmly seize the technology, making 3D printing this subversive on demand, aiming at the forefront, head ahead into a new battlefield.

The conference, to implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's speech on the construction of scientific and technological power in the world, unswervingly implement the three development strategies, to further promote the comprehensive reform of Deyang City, accelerate the construction of "national high-end equipment industry innovation development demonstration base" has far-reaching significance of.3D printing has become the effective path Chinese manufacturing and industrial development towards the end of the golden age, which will open a new round of development in Deyang.