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3D printing should not become "a gust of wind"


We should not blindly chase hot wings, also don't let the good stuff finally become a gust of wind"

3D printing is continuing to bring us a surprise: a U.S. research team recently developed a patch with 3D vascular endothelial cells injected into print, provides a new method for vascular repair; our research team using biological materials successfully print out the regeneration of articular cartilage, make joint defect of high quality repair possible; at the end of last year, a company in Chengdu for the first time will print the vascular implantation in vivo, the organ reconstruction dream has a great leap forward.

In recent years, 3D printing with its unique "additive manufacturing" style and production concept, so that the people of the future is full of imagination and look forward to the.3D print by virtue of its technical breakthrough, can increase the print materials, expand the application field of.3D printing is more in line with the potential public interest in the Internet era of personalized products however, attention to it, which in turn promotes the innovation and development of technology.

However, we should also see that although the technology sector, the investment community and government departments are talking about the 3D print, but it is still in the embryonic stage, for printing materials Co., the price is expensive and the printing accuracy needs to be improved, most of the time people are just interested in, and did not meet the real needs. "Heat up to attract attention is a good thing, but too much but could backfire, causing new problems. In the lack of understanding and expectations too high, often make the research results of 3D printing from the cloud drop in less than expected. In the past few years, 3D printing boom roller coaster experience will prove this point: once popular 3D printing experience store charm no longer, the relevant investment reduced, promoting the industrialization of suffered unspeakable embarrassment. An industry Tucao: when 3D is like a" hot print The wind, like what all capable, now cold down, but is said to Nothing is right..

In fact, 3D printing is an important supplement to the traditional manufacturing industry. It is in the mass production of the speed and cost than traditional manufacturing methods, but in small batch, has incomparable advantages of.3D printing personalized production, in the aerospace, biomedical and other fields have more potential applications widely. After experiencing a good noise, people calm down, let the 3D print regression research direction effectively, pay more attention to basic research and development of equipment and materials, in order to solve the bottleneck of industrial development. At the same time, there are more and more valuable results, rather than stay in talk.