Which cnc plastic cutting service company doing OEM?
Guangzhou Gaojie Model Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd. provides OEM service. We analyze your product engineering and manufacturing and/or supply chain, and identify areas of cost savings or production advantages. Our industry-leading synthesis technologies, manufacturing capabilities, and technical expertise are available to you as a comprehensive OEM service. We support getting your products to market by leveraging our manufacturing capabilities as a full range of third-party and OEM services.

Gaojie has been operating for many years and has been considered a reliable manufacturing factory for 3d printing prototype service . Transparent Prototypes produced by Gaojie is very popular in the market. The creative design of Gaojie Model 3d printing prototype service receives positive market responses. Anodizing improves corrosion protection, surface hardness, wear resistance, aesthetic appearance and the adhesion of paints and primers. our team is very professional in giving anodizing treatment to different materials for prototyping process. The product provides a perfect lighting environment. It is glare-free and less tiring on the users' eyes. Also, unlike mercury filled fluorescents, it does not shatter, improving safety for users. The engineers at our team Prototyping are experts in achieving the perfect finish for your product, with painting, vapor polishing, sanding, anodizing and many other services for your free choice.

Our goal is to be the leading 3d printing prototype service manufacturer. Get more info!
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