What about CFR/CNF of silicone mold making service ?
Please consult our Customer Support concerning the CFR/CNF for specific items. We'll clarify the terms and conditions immediately if we start our discussion, and to get everything in writing, so there's no doubt on what's been agreed upon. In case you have any doubts on picking Incoterms, our sales specialists could help!

Guangzhou Gaojie Model Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the management of plastic prototype service, including research & development, sales & marketing, fabrication, and logistics. Transparent Prototypes produced by Gaojie is very popular in the market. Gaojie Model 3d printing prototype service is designed based on the detailed market research and deep understanding of customer's requirements. The engineers at Gaojie Prototyping are experts in achieving the perfect finish for your product, with painting, vapor polishing, sanding, anodizing and many other services for your free choice. Plastic Prototypes is characterized by plastic prototype service, which is worthy of popularization in application. our team has invested in Pantone® plastics opaque selector chips to help clients better visualize the finished look of molded plastic parts.

our company Model has always followed the rules of customer first. Welcome to visit our factory!
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