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CNC machine tools into a smart manufacturing model to be related to software development


    With the application of new technology in the manufacturing industry to promote and in-depth, China's machinery industry and how to upgrade the transformation of the manufacturing sector is also increasingly fermenting.

    A common view is that over the past 30 years, China's manufacturing industry depends on the success of "hard-working hands", and the future competition is an out-and-out "technical competition." If you want to continue to become the world's manufacturing giant, must rely on "wisdom of the brain."

   No smoke of the battlefield

    3D printing, machine substitutions, large data manufacturing ... ... these frequent data are all to remind us that the current rapid development of technology in three sectors - "artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing", which will re-build the manufacturing industry , And if the artificial intelligence, robotics and digital manufacturing technology integrated into the manufacturing industry, it will definitely be a real sense of the "manufacturing revolution."

    In the early years, foreign media have expressed the view: the next 20 years, the United States will use new technology to hollow out China's manufacturing sector, and in the manufacturing sector to obtain "absolute competitive advantage."

    Zhou Ji, president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also pointed out that China's manufacturing industry is also facing unprecedented challenges from the outside, on the one hand, Western developed countries rely on scientific and technological innovation, to seize the commanding heights of international competition, economic development, core competitiveness and seek future development initiative. For example, Apple through product model innovation, integration of the latest technology innovation, successfully led the development direction of information products. Another example is the United States breakthrough in shale gas development technology, causing a shale gas revolution, the world's energy structure and even political and economic development have had a profound impact.

   On the other hand, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other developing countries to lower labor costs to undertake the transfer of labor-intensive industries, to seize the low-end manufacturing. China's manufacturing industry is facing "double attack" before and after the challenge.

    At the same time, from the internal point of view, China's economic development has been a long period of high-speed growth into the low growth stage, the leading force in economic development - manufacturing-driven innovation, transformation and upgrading of the urgent requirements.

   Zhou Ji said that manufacturing digital, intelligent is the core of the new industrial revolution. The connotation of advanced manufacturing technology innovation includes three aspects: product innovation, manufacturing technology innovation and industry model innovation. Digital and intelligent technology is the common enabling technology of product innovation and manufacturing technology innovation, and profoundly reforming the production mode and industrial form of manufacturing industry is the core technology of the new industrial revolution.

    However, the mechanical products, the NC technology is to achieve the disruptive innovation of mechanical products common enabling technology, the core is digital. The application of numerical control technology makes the connotation of the mechanical product change radically, which makes the product function extremely rich, the quality of the product changes, improve the product level and the market competitive power fundamentally, and make the mechanical product develop to the intellectualization.

    CNC machine tools should be a model

    Zhou Ji stressed: "Speaking of CNC, it is necessary to mention the CNC machine tools, but obviously not all, can only say that CNC machine tools is the application of CNC technology innovation model of the product. He said that CNC technology is a common enabling technology can be applied to a variety of mechanical products for innovation and upgrading. Such as injection molding machine CNC and intelligent, injection molding is the most effective plastic molding method.

    Mentioned CNC machine tools, many people may not be particularly aware of, but it is the basis of many industrial production pillars. As a typical mechatronics product, CNC machine tools can solve the complex, precision, small batch, multi-species of parts processing problems, is a flexible, high-performance automation machine tools, represents the modern machine tool control technology development.

   China's current labor costs in some industries continue to rise, with the emergence of "labor shortage" for the NC machine tool provides another potential application areas - intelligent manufacturing. Chinese enterprises are more and more transition to the intelligent manufacturing to reduce the impact of manpower shortage, companies need to be able to 720 hours continuous high-quality operation of the machine tool equipment, which makes the reliability of machine tool equipment becomes particularly important.

   Especially recently, the combination of CNC machine tools and industrial robots makes intelligent production or "unmanned" factories become development trend.

   In the view of Zhou Ji, NC generation and intelligent generation is the product of the deep integration of information technology and industrialization, you can see the mechanical products of the NC and intelligent innovation has distinctive characteristics, the nature of the law, can be widely used in a variety of mechanical product innovation , Can cause the upgrading of mechanical products, causing profound changes in the machinery industry. This is now put forward "NC generation" and "intelligent generation" concept of reason and basis.

    The second development is the bottleneck

    Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Industrial business field Drive Technology Group Motion Control Department, general manager of CNC drive business Xuzheng Shun that the so-called intelligent manufacturing CNC machine tools in addition to complete the task of direct processing, the product should improve the process adaptability, to adapt to different industries , The processing characteristics of different products, which is essential for intelligent manufacturing, and to meet these requirements on the need for machine tool equipment has a sufficiently open CNC system platform, only in an open system, the user will have the opportunity to put a variety of The latest ideas and ideas into the design and manufacture of machine tools.

    However, the current general situation is the proliferation of product homogeneity, the reason for this situation is that many manufacturers in the use of the pursuit of simplicity is too easy to use some of the early access to the Chinese market very strong closed CNC system, leading to Equipment is very standardized, process adaptability, similar products, and ultimately become a low-end production capacity of the promoter.

 "This is like a fool camera and smart camera." Xuzheng Shun said, "fool" of CNC products, the user adjusts the content of small, easy to use, but the lack of open system, many core and key functions are restricted, Further development and expansion of the scope of use, and ultimately can only lead to low-capacity market phenomenon.

    However, the secondary development of CNC platform is not easy. Weihai Huadong CNC Co., Ltd. has benefited a lot in the high-speed rail grinding market, the company responsible person at the time said in an interview, the company produced the first track for the locomotive Borg board grinding machine is the company spent 100,000 euros Imports of German software, accounting for about one-tenth of the price of a product.

   It is understood that the core of the hardware part of the CNC system is an efficient computing platform and a set of control equipment interface, that is, the hardware part of the NC can be seen as an industrial computer. From this point of view, whether it is industrial control power supply, industrial control computer motherboard, or other embedded devices, China's industrialization level is very high.

   The problem lies in another part of the CNC system - software. Numerical control system technology program carries the numerical control system software movement control, the logical control and the man-machine interaction and so on the main function. At the same time, under the tendency of the hardware convergence of the numerical control system, the software is becoming an important value component in the system. Therefore, the software industry has become the key to the industrialization of CNC system.

    However, China's CNC system vendors are starting the way most of the core technology of a CNC system breakthrough, and then by the core technology into products, and then gradually rolling through the product, and gradually developed.

    Therefore, China's CNC industry is relatively small scale, the lack of support related to the industrial chain. Coupled with the price of homogenization of CNC products vicious competition, product margins are at a low level, it can support the software development team size is very limited.

    In addition, the current development model of NC software and other application software development model there is a big gap. This is because the CNC software requirements with real-time, embedded features and special manufacturing process for a specific analysis of the characteristics of the CNC software industry access to a higher threshold, the general software companies more difficult in-depth in this area.

   As a result of China's numerical control industry technology development from a technical breakthrough in the key points, the lack of systematic needs analysis, there is no very good abstract and conceptual, logical design, resulting in the product is difficult to extract from the past, some useful , Common technology for later products used. In addition, the domestic products of many companies have little continuity, often a new product completely from the stove, and the old product is not the slightest relationship in this development model, the degree of software functionality, software product reliability, The ability of sustainable development are subject to great limitations. In the whole process of industrial development, low-level repetitive R & D of the phenomenon is also more common, making the technology accumulation is slow.

   In this way, by virtue of our current control software development model is difficult to compete with the internationally renowned CNC manufacturers to effectively compete. Therefore, how to learn from other areas of application software industry development experience has become a numerical control industry to improve software development model of an important issue.