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What is the prototype (CNC machining model)?


What is the prototype (CNC model)?:

The first sample of the product is commonly known as prototype, and the early industrial sample is hand-made, so it is called prototype

The CNC model is the product of modern industry, integrated computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing

(CAM) computer, digital control (CNC) and other advanced technologies that incorporate a three-dimensional model of a computer into blocks

Therefore, modern industry is called the CNC hand model, and the.CNC model is faster than the rapid prototyping speed

Fast, the appearance and structure more reflect the design idea, and the CNC model surface processing form is not stick to pattern: can throw

Light, sandblasting, fuel injection, silk screen, electricity department and so on, the effect is the same molded product

Comparable to each other, so the CNC model has long been the mainstream of modern industry

Why do the prototype model?:

In the process of new product development and product replacement, it is an important and indispensable ring to make the model of hand plate

Its function is as follows: 1. The design of the product can be visualized; 2, the structure and function are examined reasonably

Sex; 3, mold design reference, can avoid repair mold, change the risk of mold; 4, with CNC hand model leading city

Field, shorten development cycle

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Application field


Household appliances: display, humidifier, juice machine, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner panel

Toy animation

Cartoon characters, animation, peripheral products, miniature models, model aircraft

Medical cosmetology

Medical equipment, beauty tools, nail tools, fitness equipment

Model military industry

Protective mask, high-precision machine products, etc.

UnionPay security

Cash register, ATM, tax control machine, speed meter, 3G camera

Automobile traffic

Car lights, bumpers, seats, electric cars

Architecture Exhibition

Architectural model, concept building, exhibition hall layout, display pattern

Craft jewelry

PMMA crafts, antique Cameo crafts, ornaments, utensils.