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3D Printing Moon Lamp


  In Chinese traditional culture, the moon represents yearning, eternity, hometown and other beautiful things, it is the sustenance of human emotion, is you can pour everything. The lantern was carefully made with 3 D printing technology. When the light goes out, the uneven surface of the moon can be clearly observed; when the light is turned on, it emits soft and warm moonlight to illuminate the path in the dark. Relax yourself, sleep well and leave the healing to the clean, warm moonlight 

Features: 3 D printing technology, unique styling and exquisite detail. 

It can be used both as an ornament and as a creative lamp. You don't have to worry about battery use or charging anymore. 

The intention of Chinese traditional culture is the symbol of yearning, eternity, hometown and other beautiful things. 

As ornaments, romantic gifts or friends to move the celebration of gifts, is a good choice.