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3D printing into my home - from the customer


Once thought that 3D printing technology is how far away from us now, this technology has entered the ordinary family. Through the 3D print, my size two hit off also repair the suitcase, print a desk lamp shade, a new vase, Eiffel Tower and other crafts. Imperceptibly, my home has entered a 3D PRINT world, colorful, dynamic full.

To my guest, as long as a little tour, you will find 3D print articles everywhere. On the table, a white tray napkin is 3D printing; on the desk, beautiful orange pen is 3D printing; wash pool, green towel hanging bracket is 3D printing; purifier, blue table 3D is small haze print. All from my husband of 3D's favorite, he bought a 3D printer, the son also followed into the 3D kingdom.