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2017.03 Guangzhou international 3D Printing Exhibition

2017.03 Guangzhou international 3D Printing Exhibition

The three day Guangzhou international 3D printing exhibition held as scheduled in Guangzhou Pazhou.

Such as 3D printing exhibition in the visitors in a continuous line, the domestic and foreign customers to print 3D sustained attention heat is still high.

Different from the desktop PDF, PLA 3D is economical and convenient; a superb collection of beautiful things, light pen print art, fashion and novel; industrial 3D printing products to end our modern stable, sophisticated technology, popular with customers:

"Your stuff is not the same, it's really fine"

"This car is the whole 3D print out, how to do?"

"This is a transparent out of the sample can sell it?"

We are careful to answer, but also sincerely thank all the attention of customers, I hope 3D printing continued heat, I believe it can gradually change, convenient for our lives.